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The Cottage



At The Cottage at Blakey, our purpose is to help families with the challenges that may arise and help the residents enjoy life to the best of his or her situational abilities.


One of our top priorities is to provide caregivers peace of mind offering care for a loved one with dementia.

The Cottage was established to help caregivers who need solutions for their loved ones . The location provides a safe and secure environment for dementia residents with gated access which allows residents to enjoy not only the inside of our facilities but also a secure outside experience.


Every resident at The Cottage is provided 3 meals, 3 snacks, and assistance with  activities of daily living. Our trained medication aides also administer our resident’s medications in a supervised environment.


On top of specialized care, a trained activities director encourages our resident to participate in events and activities according to their respective capabilities.  With a variety of arts and crafts, our residents are able to express themselves even when words may not be abundant. 


Often times memory-care residents can feel overwhelmed which is why we also have a sensory room for them to access when this is the case.  This sensory room contains visual stimuli, auditory stimuli, and tactile stimuli to assist residents in reseting their nervous system. 


To prioritize the safety of our residents, we have implemented several features in our facility. Dutch doors have been installed to enable staff to observe without causing disruptions. Additionally, the air conditioning system has been elevated for enhanced safety measures. To prevent any risk of strangulation, the blinds are securely enclosed within the windows. Moreover, the windows are designed to open no more than six inches, adhering to fire code regulations specific to special care dementia facilities. Finally, to ensure that patients can stay connected with their loved ones, every room is equipped with cable and phone ports.  


Virtual Tour The Cottage

3D Floor Plan of a Room

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