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Services & Amenities


What kind of activities and events are offered at Blakey Hall? Blakey Hall communities offer opportunities for learning, creativity, exercise, social engagement and spirituality every month through our activities program. From concerts and guest lectures and exercises, games and classes, services and celebrations, civic and volunteer opportunities, movies and dances, and much more, you can be as active as you want to be.


How’s the food at Blakey Hall? At Blakey Hall we acknowledge that most of our greatest memories or accomplishments in life happened near or around a dinner table. Good food, good conversation and good fellowship is the heart of any successful senior care community. Many special dietary requirements, including no-salt-added and no-concentrated-sweets diets, are easily accommodated.

Will I have privacy at Blakey Hall? One of the things people enjoy most about living at Blakey Hall is that they can enjoy the warm company of friends and neighbors when they want to, and relax in the privacy of their own apartments whenever they prefer.

Is there transportation at Blakey Hall and is it wheelchair accessible? Scheduled transportation to local appointments and outings is included in the monthly rental rate at Blakey Hall and The Cottage at Blakey. Transportation is offered at The Hamlet as well. (Note: Scheduling and a fee is required.)

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