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How to Help Seniors Celebrate the Holidays with Loved Ones

The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration, and, most importantly, connection. For residents of Blakey Hall Retirement Community in Elon, NC, staying connected with loved ones during the holidays can bring immense joy and comfort. However, distance, health concerns, or mobility issues can sometimes make holiday celebrations challenging for seniors. This article offers practical and heartwarming tips for celebrating the holidays and maintaining strong connections with family and friends.

a group of seniors celebrating the holidays at a dinner table

1. Embrace Technology for Virtual Gatherings

In the digital age, technology provides an invaluable tool for staying in touch. Video calls via platforms like Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime can bridge the physical gap, allowing residents to join family gatherings virtually. Blakey Hall can organize group tutorials to help residents become more comfortable with these technologies, ensuring no one misses out on the virtual celebrations.

2. Create a Holiday Newsletter or Photo Album

A holiday newsletter or photo album can be a wonderful way to share updates and memories. Residents can include photos, stories, and well-wishes for their loved ones. This can be distributed digitally or in print, offering a personal touch that friends and family can cherish.

3. Engage Seniors in Holiday Celebration Activities and Share the Experience

Participating in Blakey Hall's holiday activities can also be a way to stay connected. Residents can share their experiences with loved ones by discussing the events over phone calls or in letters. These shared stories create new memories and topics of conversation, keeping the holiday spirit alive.

4. Schedule Regular Phone Calls or Letters

Consistency is key in maintaining connections. Scheduling regular phone calls or setting a routine for writing letters or emails can provide residents and their families with consistent touchpoints. This regular communication fosters a sense of closeness and anticipation for the next conversation.

5. Plan Ahead for Safe Visits

If possible and safe, planning in-person visits can be invaluable. Ensure that all safety protocols are followed, especially considering health concerns. Blakey Hall staff can assist in coordinating these visits to ensure they are safe and enjoyable for everyone.

6. Share Recipes and Meal Ideas

Food is a central part of holiday celebrations. Residents can share their favorite holiday recipes with family members, or even cook and eat the same meal while on a video call. This shared experience can create a sense of togetherness and tradition, despite the distance.

7. Collaborate on a Family Project

Engaging in a family project, like creating a family tree or compiling a collection of family stories and recipes, can be a wonderful way to connect. This collaborative effort not only keeps everyone engaged but also helps in preserving family heritage.

8. Send Thoughtful Gifts or Care Packages

Sending personalized gifts or care packages to family members can convey love and thoughtfulness. These can include handmade items, favorite snacks, or simple keepsakes that remind family members of shared memories and bonds.

9. Embrace and Share Local Traditions

Blakey Hall Retirement Community has its unique traditions and celebrations. Sharing these with family members can help them feel more connected to the resident's daily life and the community's culture.

10. Stay Positive and Encouraging

Finally, maintaining a positive and encouraging attitude is essential. Celebrating small joys, sharing uplifting stories, and offering words of encouragement can strengthen bonds and uplift spirits during the holiday season.

A Blakey Hall assistant helping a senior celebrate the holidays

The holidays are a time for togetherness, love, and joy. For residents of Blakey Hall Retirement Community, staying connected with loved ones during this special time is crucial. By embracing technology, engaging in community activities, maintaining regular communication, and sharing traditions and memories, residents can enjoy a festive and connected holiday season. The spirit of the holidays transcends distance, and with a little creativity and effort, the warmth of family and friends can be felt, no matter where they are.


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