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Celebrating Mother's Day

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

someone giving flowers to their mom for mothers day

Mother’s Day was established to honor mothers, grandmothers, and those that were like a mom for their dedication to their families and communities. Mother’s day may look a little different than when you were younger bringing mom flowers and a handmade card as a child, but here we share some ways you can still show her how important and integral she is in continuing to shape your world.

  • The day on the calendar can be of your choosing. Having the pressure to make a particular Sunday fit for your life can put pressure that will detract from the focus of the day. Find a day that works with your timetable so that you can truly celebrate mom without the worries of everything else.

  • Build your own Bouquet: sending flowers is a lovely and kind gesture, but take it a step further this year and create an engaging activity you can do together. Bring a variety of her favorite cut flowers and together work to build a beautiful one-of-a-kind arrangement for her to keep. Alternatively, it is now hard to tell the difference between live and artificial flowers. Opt for artificial flowers, for an arrangement that will last for years to come.

  • Expand the love and appreciation. If you are going to visit mom at her facility, consider asking others to join in who may not have family that can spend that day with them. Holidays can often be some of the loneliest for those who don't have family close by.

While the gift of time and togetherness is the most precious, sometimes that may not be possible. Below are 3 gift ideas that can brighten moms' day.

  • An audiobook subscription. As our moms' age, eyesight for reading can diminish as well as the ability to hold and manipulate turning the pages of a book. Get mom a subscription to listen to books from her favorite genres.

  • A digital frame loaded with pictures of he friends and family from her childhood to the present. Pictures are a snapshot of a memory and can bring a smile to her face as she recalls all the love and laughter her life has brought.

  • Send the spa to her. If you have a massage therapist or esthetician willing to travel. reach out to Debbie by phone at (336) 506-2300 or via email at to inquire about a special message or facial for mom.

At Blakey Hall, we always want moms to know how special they are and work to create activities and events that let them know just how special she is, especially on Mother's Day. If you are considering an assisted living situation for your mother or a mother figure in your life, reach out to us today to schedule a tour to see the different levels of care we offer.

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