The Cottage

Memory Care Facility

When an older individual suffers from a form of dementia, a terrible burden is placed on the caregiving members of the family. The disorientation that the disease brings often makes the patient wander around, posing an ever-present threat to the person’s safety.

At Blakey Hall, our purpose is to help families in Elon, NC cope with a very difficult illness and help the patient enjoy life to the best of his or her abilities. One of our top priorities is to provide caregivers respite from the unrelieved responsibility of caring for a loved one with dementia.

Changing Lives, One Family at Time

The Cottage was established to help folks who are no longer able to cope with the caregiving task. The location provides a safe and secure environment for dementia patients.

Every resident of The Cottage is provided 4 meals a day and assisted with all the activities of daily living. Our medication technicians also administer our resident’s medications in a supervised environment. On top of that, a skilled activities director encourages our clients to participate in events and activities according to their respective capabilities.

Your Peace of Mind Is Our Promise

At The Cottage, there is a secure outdoor area that residents may use safely. There are also rocking chairs on the front porch that allow residents to relax and take in the events going on around them.

In addition, The Cottage has a resident cat to help residents with pet therapy. With supervision, residents may also visit the 2 miniature horses and 2 pygmy goats in the meadow just across the entry road.

We also have an after-school and a summer camp program for children at the campus. From time to time, the students come to The Cottage to visit and socialize with the residents.

For further information about The Cottage, feel free to call us at 336-506-2300.