Our Living Facilities

A Place Seniors Can Call Home

At Blakey Hall, we offer living facilities that are designed to improve the quality of life of seniors. To make our accommodations as accessible to many individuals as possible, we provide a broad selection of residences. Continue reading to get a better idea of the homes within our community in Elon, NC.

Our Living Facilities

Blakey Hall
This assisted living residence, which is licensed by the state of NC, accommodates up to 72 residents.

The Hamlet
This senior apartment houses up to 42 individuals and is developed adjacent to our assisted living facility. The residents of The Hamlet pay rent only for the services they want to use. The maintenance of buildings and grounds is provided.

The Cottage
The Cottage is the memory care unit within our community. This premier assisted living facility offers seniors a comfortable lifestyle, including 24-hour service and assistance.

The Henton
This complex consists of 40 residences adjacent to Elon University, where most of our residents own their homes. In addition, The Henton offers community maintenance.

Caring for Seniors Is Our Passion

To ensure the well-being of our community members, we provide them with a continuum of senior care services. Residents of The Henton and The Hamlet can take comfort from the fact that they will receive preferred entry into Blakey Hall should they need that level of care.

To learn more about our facilities, call us today at 336-506-2300.